How it works? Let’s find out below

Key to success – straight forward but comprehensive work flow


Contract and invoice


An official sales contract will be sent for deposit payment and tooling payment, final quotation sheet with breakdown costs and all production details will be include in the sales contract.


Pre-press stage


Our pre-press team will check your entire artwork files, we may get back to you to request necessary modification on format and bleed area. Common die-line for boxes, cards, gameboard etc may provide as per request. If the files are perfect, E-proof will be provide within 2 days.


Pre-production approval


A set of digital samples with all game components will be submitted for color, material and structure checking. Customized items like plastic miniatures,dices & wooden pieces also will be submitted for approval as well. We will start production after all samples approved.


Mass production


Our standard production lead time is 30-40 days (for non-tooling items). However, if you have a rush deadline, please discuss with our production planning team or your sales contact. We will try our best to meet with your timeline.


Compliance & inspection


If your games are targeted for Children, a product safety testing will be likely required by most of the countries. We have been working with UKAS / HOKLAS/Intertek accredited lab insitituite for years and we can submit lab testing on your behalf & handle all things for you untill the testing report completed.


Shipment & warehouse service


We will deliver the cargo to your assigned forwarder warehouse. If you don’t have your own logistics contact, we can make all the arrangement for you and ship the goods to final destination. Balance of payment will be required at this stage.
Besides,we currently have the warehouse in USA, you may keep the goods at very lower rate if there needed.
For KS projects, we can help you to package and send game to each of backers at very competitive prices.


Game and graphic design


If you have a basic concept only, our experienced R&D team is here to help.
-Adding games features
-Usage of components
-Graphic, packaging and logo design
-Play-value improvement suggestion
-3D files creating.


Well-connected sourcing network


We have business partners who supply common game accessories to us for years. Such as meeple, wooden token, plastic gems, miniatures, dice, etc. If you want to include something more special like rusty coins, pirate guns, stone-like pyramid in your game, we can pretty much fulfill your fantasy. Don’t limit your creativity!
We have professional sourcing team to ensure the production costs & timeline, Q/A team for ensuring the quality.




Our consultation team will review your game specifications and discuss your main concern and focus, gathering information about color / coating / material requirement. We will provide cost-saving and alternate material suggestions during enquiry / quotation stage.